Company Guidance Related to COVID-19

Work Policy:

General Guidelines:

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath), please tell HR immediately and plan to stay home (you may also want to inform your PM and Functional Manager).
  • If you are able to do your job remotely, please do so as it is our desire to reduce the number of people in the buildings to essential onsite staff only.
    • If you do not currently have remote access and need it, please submit a ticket with “VPN” in the subject line so it can be prioritized appropriately.
  • If you are unable to work remotely please continue to come into the office until further notice, but keep your contact with other employees and facility areas to a minimum that you require.
  • If you need to be onsite to do your job and have concerns about coming in, please discuss the situation with your PM and/or Functional Manager.

Policy Clarifications:

  • In order to protect our ability to produce hardware we are severely restricting the number of people in our production areas. Please stay out of production areas unless you are specifically called into those areas by production personnel.
  • If you live with someone that has a higher risk of contracting the virus (ex. healthcare worker) and your job at SEAKR requires you to be onsite, please limit your contact with other employees and facility areas while you are onsite.
  • You do NOT need to self-isolate if you are in direct contact with someone who is not symptomatic and has been in direct contact with someone who has the virus (two degrees of separation). However, you DO need to self-isolate as soon as you or someone you are in direct contact with shows symptoms.


Production is now split into 2 shifts:

  • First shift is from 5:30am until 2:00pm
  • Second shift is from 2:30pm until 11:00pm
  • See Production Personnel List for list of shift assignments and contact numbers.

Each production person will work one or the other shift with no cross-over. Our goal is to protect our production capacity by minimizing personal contact even within the production team. The shift groups have been established in a balanced manner so that each shift can work independently with a full skill set for a complete operating line.

Please don’t go into the production areas unless there is no other way to do your job. If you must go in those areas please honor our shifts boundaries and either consistently go in before 2:00pm each day OR consistently go in after 2:30pm each day. Whether or not you can do that, always do your best to avoid any contact with production personnel and don’t go into individual areas beyond your one destination.

Absence Time:

SEAKR is providing all employees 80 hours of additional paid time off if circumstances do not allow you to work either onsite at SEAKR or remotely. You may use these hours if pre-coordinated with your manager. For example it could be used in the event of extended periods of illness, to care for children whose school is closed, in the event of a facility closure, or to complete a mandatory quarantine period after company travel if you are unable to work remotely.

  • This additional time will not show up as an accrued balance. Payroll will track it to ensure that employees do not exceed the allotted hours.
  • Time should be charged to the EE-COVID-19 – Absence code.
    • Please ensure you are charging the new extraordinary event absence code for COVID-19.


Business Travel

  • Non-critical travel is temporarily suspended. Any critical travel must be approved by ownership.
    • If you recently returned from a business trip, or will return shortly, you are required to work remotely and not return to the office for 5 business days after domestic travel or 10 business days if traveling to a Level 3 area. If there are parts of your job that cannot be accomplished remotely during this quarantine period, please charge time to EE-COVID-19 – Absence Code. Please notify your manager that you will be charging this absence code.
    • In the event that a future business trip is deemed critical and proceeds, you have the option of declining to travel. If you do travel, you are required to follow the self-quarantine guidelines above.

Personal Travel (including Spring Break)

  • Employees must follow the same quarantine guidelines after personal travel. This applies to situations where you travel by air/bus/train to get to or from your destination or if you participate in any large gatherings (500 people or more). Those that can work remotely are asked to do so. If there are parts of your job that cannot be accomplished remotely during this quarantine period, employees must make a difficult choice between vacation or leave without pay.

Recruiting and New Hires:

We are continuing to recruit for open positions but we will not bring any candidates onsite for an interviews. Interviews will be conducted via Zoom. HR will make the changes and coordinate with the hiring team.

Additional On-boarding Information:

  • HR is continuing to communicate with new hires and are using the same screening procedure applied to visitors. So far no start dates have been delayed.
  • For the next two weeks new hires will do on-site onboarding. 6-Apr will be the first group that leverages Paycom and if possible will be conducted remotely.
  • Hiring managers are encouraged to support new hires on-site (minimal amount necessary) to ensure remote working is successfully set up.


  • As of March 20 SEAKR is no longer accepting unscheduled visitors and the front desk will be closed.
  • All scheduled visitors will need to be screened, by the host of the meeting, on their recent travel and if they have any flu like symptoms. Based on responses, the host may need to turn the visitor away. Please give your guests a heads up.
  • If you have visitors, only use the following conference rooms:
    • Racine 1st floor conference rooms
    • Troy 100 South
    • Hilltop Main
    • Peakview Main
    • Discovery Executive
  • All conference rooms may be used for internal meetings. Please contact the front desk (, if you need help scheduling/shuffling conference rooms.
  • Facility tours are suspended unless specifically approved by ownership. The group new hire tours are temporarily suspended.