Our Company

SEAKR Engineering LLC. a wholly owned subsidiary of RTX, is a leading supplier of advanced, state-of-the-art spacecraft electronics.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing highly customized systems including Digital Channelizer/Beamformers, Modems, Software-Defined Radios, High Performance Payload Processors, Modular Command and Data Handling Systems, Solid State Recorders and Mod-Mesh ®-a Space VPX architecture.

Our Story

With knowledge depth spanning over 30 years fielding high-performance space borne electronics for multiple spacecraft platforms and manned space, we employ proven radiation mitigation techniques meriting “first to fly” on numerous commercial devices in many orbits.

SEAKR’s products are on the International Space Station, orbiting the earth and have traveled to Jupiter. Our electronics help explore Earth’s atmosphere and relay climate and operational weather data critical to global change science. As part of NASA’s JUNO mission, we are enabling data collection about new planet formation in our solar system.

In addition to space exploration, we help protect our citizens here and stationed abroad. Our work collectively fortifies United States (U.S.) intelligence by relaying  information about weather, global mapping and image storage. Defending our country gives us tremendous pride both in our work and our products. SEAKR is honored to contribute to improving the U.S. Battle network by advancing space-based capabilities in electronics.

As space exploration funding evolves commercially, SEAKR continues to partner with other industry leaders in providing world wide satellite communications networks. 

In all areas: Commercial, government, domestic and abroad SEAKR is positioned to support space exploration and communication today and beyond.

Our Founders

Who We Are

SEAKR is an innovation trendsetter of space-qualified electronics.

We were started by a family and consider our employees part of our family. At SEAKR, we deeply value our employee contributions, recognizing collectively as a team, we fortify global leadership in advanced space electronics.

Our team members are the backbone of our success. In space, a system is only rated as high as its weakest part. SEAKR is no different; we are a sum of our parts. Our success hinges upon our team’s unified hard work, determination and perseverance. These traits are our greatest allies.

The industry-wide respect SEAKR merits is earned and built through every customer, every program, every day and by every SEAKR employee. Our products are our bond; in space there are no do-overs.

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Our Quality

Quality is embedded within SEAKR and is the foundation to how we do business… 

Our product quality is essential for ensuring our company’s success and enabling our customer’s ability to reach goals on time with minimized risk. This premise permeates our culture and is evident in nearly 40 years heritage successfully evolving space electronics technologies. With over 300 flight units delivered to customers fully specification compliant, and a 100% on-orbit mission success rate established and maintained by SEAKR, we live and breath an unyielding commitment to quality.

SEAKR offers consistent performance attributed to experienced heritage and in-depth technical knowledge balanced with an affordable, hands-on approach to delivering customized solutions for our customers. We staff highly-qualified personnel for the duration of all programs, staffing individuals whose experience directly matches the needs of individual programs. In tandem, our 100,500 square-foot SEAKR campus in the Denver Tech Center is intentionally designed for developing and manufacturing spacecraft electronics. Our facilities uniquely integrate engineering design, test and production allowing all flight builds to be done in-house. This close coupling effectively helps ensure the quality SEAKR is known for and maximizes efficiency with reduced development time and cost. This exemplifies the ideality of SEAKR’s mid-sized structure.

At SEAKR, we consistently focus whole-heartedly to manage and deliver the best in quality at all times, recognizing cutting corners to lower costs has detrimental consequences both technically and financially to programs.  We enable our customer’s success through an ideal balance of delivering quality products paired with necessary management to deliver effectively.  SEAKR strikes balance where bureaucratic, top-heavy organizations often struggle.

• SEAKR’S quality manual is available upon request

• SEAKR is third-party certified for AS9100 compliance 

Quality System Certification

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