Our Company

SEAKR Engineering is an aerospace manufacturer. We design and manufacture processors, command and data handling systems, advanced payloads, and manned space hardware. The company was founded in 1981 to revolutionize spacecraft memory systems.  Today we continue our innovation with state-of-the-art space communications processors capable of channelization and beamforming.

SEAKR’s products are on the International Space Station, orbiting the earth, and have traveled to Jupiter. Our products are exploring Earth’s atmosphere and returning climate and operational weather data that are critical for global change science.  As part of NASA’s JUNO mission, we are helping to gather data about the formation of another planet in our solar system. 

In addition to space exploration, we are helping protect our citizens here and stationed abroad. We support space-based capabilities that improve the U.S. battle network.  Defending our country is something that gives us even more pride in our work and our products.  Our designs are orbiting the planet and continuously relaying information about weather, global mapping, and imagery storage that is all part of US intelligence.

As space exploration funding continues to evolve into a commercial based market, SEAKR is also supporting worldwide satellite communications networks. Soon there will be no place on the planet that cannot receive an internet signal and we will be part of that future. 

In all areas: Commercial, government, domestic and abroad SEAKR is positioned to support space exploration and communication today and beyond.

Our Story

SEAKR’s story – The American way

The year is 1981. Ray Anderson is a newly retired Air Force Colonel. Ray and his eldest son Scott, while not working together, both have jobs at Rockwell International. However, after years in the military, living behind a desk without a challenge soon loses its luster for Ray. That’s when he and Scott decide to become space subcontractors on their own.

They sit down at the family dinner table and begin flipping through a bulky government catalog of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants – now a handy, web accessible, searchable, PDF. Ray and Scott find a SBIR for a Solid State Recorder (SSR), the first of its kind. Scott thought he could build it, Ray had critical contacts, and the rest, as they say, is history.

That first SBIR contract launched SEAKR’s dominance in the SSR market as the preeminent space qualified memory provider. Since then we’ve grown exponentially in both employees and capabilities. Ray’s second son, Eric, joined SEAKR soon after its inception, and a corporate move to Colorado followed. Ray’s third son Kurt also joined SEAKR and leads crucial National Asset programs. SEAKR’s product line now includes space qualified processors, power supplies, command and data handling systems, and avionics.

At SEAKR the buildings might be bigger now, the products faster, and the mountain views picturesque, but you can only reach your destination by knowing where you came from. We will forever be a company started by a father and son at the dinner table with a dream and a doorstop of a catalog. We like it that way.

Our Leaders

Who We Are

SEAKR is a trendsetter for innovation of space qualified electronics. We were started by a family, are still run by a family, and want every employee to understand they are the standard bearers of SEAKR’s legacy.

Our team members are the backbone of our success. In space, a system is only rated as high as its weakest part. SEAKR is no different; we are a sum of our parts. Our success hinges upon everyone performing with hard work, determination, and perseverance. These traits are our greatest allies.

The industry-wide respect SEAKR enjoys is earned and built through every customer, every program, every day, and by every SEAKR employee. Our products are our bond; in space there are no do-overs.

Interested in learning a little more about SEAKR’s history? Check out these videos:

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Our Quality

Quality is embedded within SEAKR and is the foundation of how we do business. From inception product quality has been critical for ensuring company success and growth. This attitude has remained part of the SEAKR culture throughout the growth of the company and is evident in the documented evolution of our quality system. The success of this attention to quality is demonstrated in over 130 flight units being delivered to customers compliant with their specifications and by the 100% on-orbit success established and maintained by SEAKR.

SEAKR is able to offer this type of consistent performance because of its balance of technical expertise/experience and an affordable, hands-on approach to developing and producing solutions tailored for our customers. We have only the most qualified personnel maintain all of our key programs. The 100,500 square-foot SEAKR campus in the Denver Tech Center was designed specifically to accommodate the development and production of spacecraft electronics. This combination allows all flight builds to be done in-house, assuring the quality for which only SEAKR has come to be known. While maintaining this quality, SEAKR’s fully integrated engineering, manufacturing and test in a single location maximizes efficiency and reduces development time and cost. This exemplifies the ideality of SEAKR’s mid-sized structure.

The value of SEAKR quality should not be understated. We understand how cutting corners in an attempt to trade quality for cost holds consequences that are ultimately detrimental, both technically and financially, to a program. There is a crucial balance between high quality and the management necessary to achieve this quality. SEAKR has struck this balance, where bureaucratic, top-heavy organizations often struggle.

Available upon request is the SEAKR Quality Manual.

Also, SEAKR is third-party certified for AS9100 compliance.

Quality System Certification


SEAKR GIVES Back to the Colorado Community….

The SEAKR Foundation, like its name, is a solid support system. As a non-profit, 501(c) (3) entity, the SEAKR Foundation “adopts” Colorado military families whose loved one was killed or injured during combat in Iraq or Afghanistan. Each adopted family is met with, cared for, and supported in crucial areas such as bill payments, childcare arrangements, job interviews, counseling, and other needed items.

Founded in 2004 by SEAKR’s CEO, Ray Anderson, a veteran himself, the non-profit is in recognition of the hardships families endure when a spouse or parent is wounded or killed while serving our Nation. Today, SEAKR remains deeply committed to providing unwavering family support through our Foundation and is honored that to date, 96% of all funds raised have gone directly to the care of the military families.

The Foundation’s first successful family adoption was the Vogt Family. Tim Vogt, a ten-year Navy veteran, was injured in overseas combat. His anguish became unbearable to the point of mental shut down. Since connecting with the SEAKR Foundation, Mr. Vogt has successfully paid off debt, provided a home for his family, and in his words, “feel like a man again.”

Our veterans have selflessly given for our nation and its people. Please join us in support of Colorado military families like the Vogt Family, by visiting SEAKR FOUNDATION.

Customer Base

Just a few of SEAKR Engineering's valued customers. Including: Lockheed Martin, NASA, Boeing, Raytheon, and many more!


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