Our Technology

SEAKR’s business began with high-performance memory systems. Today, our spectrum of space-qualified electronics capabilities has expanded and continues to evolve with emphasis on helping our customers attain flexibility and scalability…

We have for years, and continue to leverage existing commercial technology into our work, continuing our trajectory in cost-effective innovation and forward thinking. SEAKR’s technology is continually recognized as pioneering new boundaries in possibilities marked by proven accomplishments, including having the world’s highest-performance Single Board Computer presently operating in space and the world’s most powerful array of FPGA‑based reconfigurable processors presently in-orbit.  Currently, SEAKR is developing digital beamforming to maximum bandwidth utilization and increasing flexibility and scalability for communication satellite payloads.

As a vertically integrated company, our employees are involved in architecting conceptual designs, evolving system technology, and delivering enabling solutions…With over 30 years spent developing and manufacturing advanced space electronics systems, we best understand creating new avenues in electronics’ performance that withstand the harsh environments of space. Our entrepreneurial thinking and distinct ruggedized systems continue to help our customers achieve mission success and benchmark the highest of industry standards and technological prowess.


Product Lines

All of SEAKR’s products and services can be broken down into 5 basic categories: Data Management Systems, Processing, Avionics, Communications, and Contract Manufacturing.

SSR: Memory systems consist of a variety product lines, integrated memory systems, or standalone memory modules

Processing: SEAKR’s processing provides the densest performance per watt or kilogram qualified for space.

Avionics: Avionics provides a critical role in all satellite sub systems by managing the state of health and performance of spacecraft subsystems and payloads. SEAKR’s extensive product line supports a variety of these missions.

Communications: Digital communication is transforming the business model for satellite communications. By providing on orbit flexibility to our customers, allowing for higher, return on investment of their satellite assets.

Data Storage Units

 Flash Memory Cards

Data Management Systems

Vision Processing Units (VPU)

Communications On Board Processors (OBP)

Mod-Mesh SSR™ 

Solid State Recorders

Control and Data Handling (C&DH)

Payload Controllers

Channelizer / Beamforming

Internet Routers & Modems

Contract Manufacturing

SEAKR®provides developers of satellite and aerospace systems with a single-source, turn-key solution for assemblies. SEAKR specializes in the production of high-mix, high complexity and low to mid volume electronic assemblies for Space, Military, and Industrial applications. SEAKR can design, manufacture, and test everything from discrete high-complexity printed circuit board assemblies to full system-level equipment with a mixture of board assemblies and fully integrated systems. 

SEAKR is a supplier to many government agencies including NASA, DoD, and many other large prime contractors. The SEAKR campus boasts the latest printed circuit board assembly capabilities, including fine pitch placement, surface mount technology and Pick and Place Machinery. We also have experience with conventional plated through hole and specialized lower-volume printed circuit board assemblies.

  • Manual Soldering
  • SMT Reflow Soldering
  • SMT Rework Processes
  • Cabling & Harnessing
  • Crimping and Wire Wrap

  • Optical Fiber Terminations
  • ESD Avoidance
  • Critical hardware Handling
  • Flight Mechanical Assembly
  • Polymeric Applications

Workmanship standards in compliance with the following agencies:

  • NASA
  • DoD
  • U.S. Military Standards

  • European Space Agency