Our Technology

“The way you remember the past depends upon your hope for the future.” Story Musgrave

The foundation of SEAKR’s business began with high-performance memory systems. Since then we have had many accomplishments, including having the world’s highest-performance Single Board Computer presently operating in space and the world’s most powerful array of FPGA‑based reconfigurable processors presently in-orbit.  Currently SEAKR is developing digital beamforming to maximum bandwidth utilization and flexibility for communication satellites.

In recent years we have grown to a medium size company and we increased our facilities to be vertically integrated. Employees are involved from conception to delivery and all design, manufacture, and test is completed at our campus.


Product Lines

All of SEAKR’s products and services can be broken down into 5 basic categories: Data Management Systems, Processing, Avionics, Communications, and Contract Manufacturing.

Data Management Systems

Data Management Systems consist of a variety of product lines, integrated memory systems, and standalone modules, all providing specialized functionality to spacecraft.

Solid State Memory Systems

Flash Memory Systems

Network Memory Systems


SEAKR’s processing provides the densest performance per watt or kilogram currently qualified for space.

Application Independent Processing

Cronus Architecture



Avionics provides a critical role in all satellites by managing the state-of-health and performance of the spacecraft sub-systems and payloads. SEAKR’s extensive product line supports a variety of unique missions.

Command and Data Handling

Payload Control Electronics


Digital communication is transforming the business model for satellite communications. By providing on-orbit flexibility to our customers, we enable higher return on investment opportunities from space assets.


On-Orbit Regeneration

Contract Manufacturing

SEAKR offers a turn-key service to developers of commercial satellite systems to procure commercial space assemblies from a single source. SEAKR specializes in the production of high-mix, high complexity and low to mid volume electronic assemblies for Space, Military, and Industrial applications. SEAKR designs, manufactures, and tests everything from discrete high-complexity printed circuit board assemblies to full system-level equipment with a mixture of board assemblies and fully integrated systems.


SEAKR is a supplier to many government agencies including NASA, DoD, and many other large prime contractors. The SEAKR campus boasts the latest printed circuit board assembly capabilities, including fine pitch placement, surface mount technology and Pick and Place Machinery. We also have experience with conventional plated through hole and specialized lower-volume printed circuit board assemblies. We will work directly with your technical organization to improve producibility and can help miniaturize boards, ruggedize and assemble, or upgrade performance through technology insertion.

Specific Disciplines:

  • Manual Soldering
  • SMT Reflow Soldering
  • SMT Rework Processes
  • Cabling & Harnessing
  • Crimping and Wire Wrap
  • Optical Fiber Terminations
  • ESD Avoidance
  • Critical hardware Handling
  • Flight Mechanical Assembly
  • Polymeric Applications

Workmanship standards in compliance with the following agencies:

  • NASA
  • DoD
  • U.S. Military Standards
  • European Space Agency


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