SEAKR employees talk about life at an aerospace manufacturing company – in and out of the office.

David Miles

David Miles aka Ironman

“I was a toddler – according to my wife. All I did was eat, sleep, work, and train, for a whole year.” But why was David Miles – a program manager at SEAKR Engineering, in charge of 20 engineers, and heading the Orion VPU program – acting like a toddler. He was training for the…

Zyola Mix

Zyola Mix – An Aerospace Inspiration

On Monday, March 20, 2017, Colorado’s Capitol building was filled with aerospace industry representatives, community members, and college students. Representatives from Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance, Ball Aerospace, Sierra Nevada Corporation, CU Boulder, and Metro State – to name a few – set up booths, giving attendees a chance to see how vital aerospace is…

Marie Derr

Marie Derr – In Her Own Words

“From the minute I walked in, I was handed the Vision Processing Unit (VPU) project for the Orion spacecraft program. We had just been awarded the work so as a new systems engineer, I was put on the project and I got to see it evolve from the beginning.” The Orion spacecraft is NASA’s multi-purpose…